Belén Baptista

María Belén Baptista was born in Montevideo, Uruguay in 1988. When she was four years old, she wanted to be a ballet dancer so she started taking classes at the National Ballet School. During that time, she couldn't stop acting with her friends, disguising herself, imitating opera singers and reading. She made her first classical singing concerts while she was still at school, and performed at the school's classical ballets.

At fifteen years old she left ballet school to join a film school, where she became seriously interested in acting. She made her first appearances in Uruguayan films around that time. She attended the Municipal Drama School, where she took part in different classical and modern plays. Since then, she has played leading roles in several short and feature films and has taught acting and cinematographic language.

Since 2012, Belén is working in her professional education as an opera singer. In between all her creative work, she is also pursuing a degree in philosophy.